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NYC Grid is a photo blog dedicated to exploring New York block-by-block and corner-by-corner. Each post covers a new street or feature with a focus on the mundane and ephemeral.


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1st Street Between 1st Ave and 2nd Ave

This street is bipolar. There's no other way to describe it. On the east end of the block you have several boutique brunch spots along with a small sliver of park. People congregate outside Prune, presumably to wait for a table at the crowded restaurant. The sun has no problem reaching this area since it has the park and much of Houston Street with no obstructions. As one ventures further west the park ends and several low-rise apartment buildings take over.The sun gets blocked out and the homeyness disappears, replaced by instead by disrepair (or, arguably, character). A vacant lot near 2nd avenue advertises it's contamination with rat poison.  The block is capped off with a truly rare site in the middle of the city, a gas station. This is my type of street.


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