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35th St Between Madison Ave and 5th Ave

As the fanciness of Madison Ave gives way to the endless commerce that is 5th Ave, this stretch of 35th St acts as a sort of mediator between the two worlds. On one side you have a massive foreboding building (home to some press entity which I forgot to take note of) while the other is more reasonable with it's apartments and Starbucks.

Entering the "5th Ave Zone" you're immediately overwhelmed by the crowds and cheap electronics dealers that line this area. In stark contrast to Madison who's only real activity is that of busses (the street ends only 12 blocks south of here).

It might have been the weather, or the large building on the south side of the street, but this whole area strikes me as very gray and impersonal.


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Reader Comments (1)

Great site. Loved Grandpa's photos.
35th St between Mad & 5 is odd and quirky. A couple of residentials, one newand banal, the other from the 60s 'award winning' and experimental, sandwiched between a gaudy Astor family zoning defiant office building, and the shell of the old fabulous B.Altman department store, now housing Oxford U Press, NYPL-Business Library and CUNY-Graduate School.

The wave of tourists on 5th hits you like the stench of the steaming sewer at the end of the block.
Ah, New York.

April 18, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJohnny Bowtie

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