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32nd St Between 5th Ave and Broadway

This bustling and exciting street, known as Korea Way, is the center of Koreatown. Sitting near the Empire State Building and Herald Square, the block has a massive amount of traffic flowing in both directions.

Even though there's no escaping chain businesses – such as Pinkberry, CVS and Citibank – the majority of the block is still over-run with local, Korean-run places. The diversity of offerings – including restaurants, bars, clubs, karaoke bars, grocery stores – is staggering, and they don't stop at the ground floor. Many places sit two, three or even four stories off street level. This creates for a unique landscape of signs towering above the street...not too unlike Times Square.

Most of the buildings here are older and have magnificent detailing all the way to the top. If you can find a clear spot on the sidewalk, it's worth it to glance upward.

This one block is so full of goodies, it even warrants it's own Wikipedia article.

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Was wondering when you would target this street. It's a lively street and it shows in your pictures. Nicely done.

July 15, 2009 | Unregistered CommenterJanis

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