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93rd St Between Columbus Ave and Amsterdam Ave


While just a few blocks away a street like this would be dominated by brownstones, the slight change in neighborhood results in a change in architecture. A handful of larger apartment buildings line the street with enough construction canopies to make one wonder if they're not in the midst of just tearing everything down.

In the middle of the block the beautifully engraved Joan of Arc Junior High School can be found along with a handful of other less outstanding buildings. The Iglesia Adventista has an unusually large overhang at the top of the building – it nearly covers the entire sidewalk. One of my favorite sights was the lettering above the doorway for 180 93rd Street. Rendered in an elegantly styled semi-script with thin, extruded pieces of metal, the mid-century letterforms are so charming I would gladly steal them if I didn't think the guilt would cripple me.

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I have lived on this street for 20 years, the author has captured it very nicely. and recently too! The bike lanes have only been up for a few months!

October 27, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterUWS

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