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Before & After - Grand Central Station


The above photo is interactive. Drag the yellow handle in the middle to reveal more or less of the before or after image.

Anyone who knows me knows that one of my most persistent pet peeves is when people erroneously say Grand Central Station when they mean Grand Central Terminal. I've had friends wonder why it bothers me so much since it's often perceived as an innocent-enough mistake with no consequences. "You couldn't possibly confused Grand Central with something else!" Today I present my rebuttal in the form of the above image. What you see there is Grand Central Station – a US Post Office on the corner of 45th Street and Lexington Avenue. I could have also presented a photo of the nearby Subway station – also called Grand Central Station. Lastly, if I had the ability, I would travel back 102 years and take a photo of the structure that was there before Grand Central Terminal, because it too was called Grand Central Station.

The lettering that used to identify the post office as Grand Central Station has been replaced in recent decades, but in the detail shot below you can see proof of my madness.

Photo source:  Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, HABS

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