Before & After - Orchard Street, Chinatown
Friday, January 3, 2014 at 9:00AM
Paul Sahner in Before & After, Chinatown, Manhattan


The above photo is interactive. Drag the yellow handle in the middle to reveal more or less of the before or after image. Alternatively, you can simply click anywhere on the image to move the slider automatically.

There used to be a time when phone booths offered a valuable utility to denizens of the city. Now, more often than not they're simply a vehicle for advertising, with the receiver covered in stickers reading "NO DIAL TONE". As these vestiges of a time past continue to die an incredibly undignified death, it's nice to look back at a time when they were not only thriving, but styled uniquely for the neighborhoods they were in.

Photo source: Tom Riggle, Flickr

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