Before & After - Bowling Green (Again!)
Monday, January 6, 2014 at 9:00AM
Paul Sahner in Before & After, Bowling Green, Manhattan


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Bowling Green was previously featured on Before & After in August

A site of frequent change, the streets surrounding Bowling Green rarely go a decade without some new feature being brought in. For example, recent years have seen a new subway entrance and the addition of CitiBike racks. Looking closely at the sidewalks, it also appears that they've reduced the width of the streets adding more room for pedestrians.

These were all things I noticed as I attempted to re-shoot today's photo. The presence of a fire hydrant and numerous lampposts, to say nothing of the surrounding buildings, should have made this an easy spot to pinpoint since those features rarely change over decades. Unfortunately my confidence was shaken by the aforementioned modifications to the area, and I was getting mixed signals from my surroundings. The thing that threw my off the most is the fire hydrant: As you can see, it's shifted dramatically to the left in my modern photo, despite the fact that I'm almost certain it's the exact same piece of hardware (it had similar spray paint markings). From what I can tell, the sidewalk was widened at some point and the hydrant was shifted to be closer to the new street edge. At least I hope that's the case, otherwise this is the worst Before & After I've done.

Photo source: Tom Riggle, Flickr

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