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NYC Grid is a photo blog dedicated to exploring New York block-by-block and corner-by-corner. Each post covers a new street or feature with a focus on the mundane and ephemeral.


Entries from February 1, 2009 - February 7, 2009


11th St Between 6th Ave and 7th Ave

Finally, returning to Manhattan, we have this quiet stretch of 11st Street. Starting with a row of stores and a school on the 6th Avenue end of things, the block is primarily just residences. The street is down-right picturesque when blanketed with snow, and while it's not home to any real destinations, it does connect the bustling thoroughfares of 6th Ave and 7th Ave...the latter of which begins the disintegration of the grid as one enters Greenwich Village. The strange cluster of streets formed by 7th Ave, 11th St and Greenwich ave great for a nice, wide-open area from which you can scope out the entire square - which includes many bars, restaurants and stores.


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Rodney St Between Hope St and Grand Street

Continuing along the meandering path around this neighborhood, Rodney Street offers very little in the way of things to look at or enjoy. But it's proximity to the BQE allows for some interesting views (even if they come along with deafening noise). The industrial nature of this area offers a stark contrast to the hustle and bustle of restaurants just a few blocks away.


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Hope St Between Keap St and Rodney St

The biggest feature on this short, industrial block is the massive multi-artist mural on the south-side of the street. Taking up nearly an entire building this piece of street art is wonderful not only for it's excellent work, but also (and I apologize to anyone who feels it's disrespectful) for the tagging and defacing on top of the "formal" art. The multiple levels of graffiti show something interesting about how quickly things like this change out in the real world. The building across the street is relatively sparse, holding only a few tags.


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Tuesday Night Snow

Walking home this evening I took some photos of the giant flakes coming down around the upper east side...Enjoy:


North 8th St Between Bedford Ave and Berry St

Continuing my inadvertently obsessive coverage of North 6th St, today we get to take a stroll down the block between Bedford Avenue and Berry Street. Home to such touchstones as Brooklyn Industries and Northside Bakery, this block also has some great pieces of street art. One of the things I almost walked right by was the robot freshly drawn into the sidewalk. If someone would shed some more light on what's going on with that guy, I'd love to know.

Otherwise, here you'll encounter your typical lineup of houses, apartments, alleyways and graffiti. Also, a block in Brooklyn just wouldn't be complete without some piece of new construction, and this stretch is no exception.

One of my favorite things was at the end of the block on the side wall of the Brooklyn Ale House: a posted piece of street art depicting Audrey Hepburn. Something about it was just so perfect for the area- I mean, you jut have to love the tagging in her hair.

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North 6th St Between Havemeyer St and Meeker Ave

Walking away from the hotbed of Bedford avenue towards the big open sky around the BQE yields some interesting stuff along the way. Unique doors, interesting architecture, fun graffiti all find a home on this block. Dominating the the first half here is the building, complete with it's scary logo. Questionably parked right outside the very same building was a Playgirl van. I'm not entirely sure why.

I wonder how long the short houses and apartments in this area will last.  I wonder how long until some large developer buys up the whole lot and replaces the entire street with condo. I can't imagine it'll be too long, the proximity to subway, bus and the expressway could make it a lucrative spot for people looking to live in New York, but not Manhattan.


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